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Through the years, we’ve learned a few things, and we’re eager to share that knowledge. We believe that education improves our entire profession. Here, you can learn from highly-skilled geospatial professionals and subject matter experts who are considered thought leaders in their field. Use our search bar or browse our lists of tutorial articles and videos.


With 3 Galaxy Prime sensors (and we have already pre-purchased the T-2000 upgrade), including Optech’s G2 duel sled configuration, Atlantic has the right tools, which means we can offer the most efficient solution at the best price.



Software upgrades, like SimActive’s Correlator 3D bundle, have propelled us to find new solutions for our clients. We can offer accurate data from both fixed-wing and UAS platforms at a lower price point than ever before without sacrificing quality or performance of the data.


As an ESRI Business Partner, our team of GIS professionals rely heavily on GIS tools to manage and execute many of our complex geospatial workflows.  We are routinely using custom scripting, enterprise databases, and web services to serve our clients.



Atlantic’s management and HR solutions can help clients quickly identify a gap/need, recruit highly-qualified candidates, and place them on-site with the client at a very low cost.   Our deployments can be just a few weeks or can last years.


Survey is at the core of Atlantic’s business. Accurate and precise survey measurements are critical for developing correct and actionable geospatial data. We are consistently looking at the best solutions for our clients, thus, we do not offer a one-size-fits-all approach to surveying.

Quality Assurance / Quality Control

Everything we do, we want it to be right. We want our data to be accepted by our clients, “first time right”.  To meet this goal, we have a team of people dedicated to reviewing all data before it leaves our hands, so you can be assured your project meets every specification.


Qumulo Case Study: Atlantic’s Data journey

To learn more visit https://qumulo.com/customers/atlantic “With our network having such a low latency backbone, and Qumulo having the ability to provide those high IOPS at lower latency, the software is able to react quicker to the requirements of the storage itself.”...

Meet the Expert: Scott Jones

With a focus on innovation and a promise to our clients to offer the best solutions at a better price, Atlantic places a heavy emphasis on investing in technologies that help us reach those goals.

Yes, We Can Provide High-Quality Lidar for Less than $100 per Square Mile

Purposefully different for You. We’ve re-engineered every process and developed advanced analytics to bring you the best solution at a great price without sacrificing quality. We want to be your geospatial partner. Not only can we provide USGS QL2 data for $100 a...

Could Thermal Imagery Help You?

Redstone Arsenal found itself in a familiar scenario for government agencies — it had more needs than finances. Rather than waiting for additional funding, they chose to be innovative with money they did have and invest in a non-traditional type of geospatial data...

Atlantic Employees Earn Professional Certifications

Huntsville, Ala. (April 26, 2016) – Atlantic would like to be the first to recognize the accomplishments of Chris Cannon for becoming the firm’s latest ASPRS Certified Professionals. Mr. Cannon is Atlantic’s Vice President of Production and recently became an ASPRS...

Atlantic Awarded 5-Year $12.5 Million Contract From The USACE, St. Louis District

Atlantic announced today that it has been awarded a prime contract by the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), St. Louis District to perform photogrammetric and LiDAR surveying and mapping services. Under the Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ)...

Atlantic’s Thoughts on Kansas Association for Floodplain Management, Inc. (KAFM) Conference

By: Brian Mayfield, President & Chief Operating Officer This week, Atlantic will exhibit at the 2015 Kansas Association for Floodplain Management, Inc. (KAFM) Conference in Kansas City. Atlantic is off to a great start with our 5-year contract with the State of...

Can we replicate the accuracy of boots on the ground topographic surveying with airborne Lidar technology?

At Atlantic we constantly strive for new ways to meet client’s needs. We refuse to settle for how things have always been done; we want to create better solutions and offer clients options that work best for their situation. Because of this ingenuity being built into...

Advantages of Atlantic’s Low Level Mapping System Over Helicopter and Mobile Systems

By: Tim Stagg, Vice President Both Helicopter and Mobile LiDAR systems have a niche that they fulfill in high accuracy mapping. However, the biggest advantage to the Atlantic’s Low Level Mapping System or (LLMS) is its high accuracy capabilities coupled with platform...

The Value of Geospatial Technology to Local Government

What is the value of a properly designed and well executed strategy for geospatial technology adoption in a County government? Quite a lot, according to a recent study in Madison County, AL. That’s the conclusion from an in-depth study conducted by Atlantic this year,...


Meet the Expert: Scott Jones

With a focus on innovation and a promise to our clients to offer the best solutions at a better price, Atlantic places a heavy emphasis on investing in technologies that help us reach those goals.

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