Watch as Atlantic’s Vice President, Scott Jones, takes a deeper dive into the innovations and features of Optech’s G2 sensor setup. From heavy vegetation to congested urban areas, the G2 system is prepared to handle all your project needs.

Atlantic is one of only a few firms in the world operating the Optech G2 sensor setup.  In 2020, Atlantic announced upgrades to each of our three (3) Optech Galaxy Primes to the T-2000 sensor head.  We also announced that we were the first firm in the world to take possession of the Optech G2 sled, which allows for us to operate two (2) T-2000’s simultaneously. 

Click below to watch our 4-part video series where Atlantic’s Vice President, Scott Jones, introduces the concepts of how the G-2 sled works with the T-2000’s and how this exciting data is creating new solutions for our clients that need very high-resolution data from proven sensor technology.