Atlantic’s lidar systems are used in our mission-ready remote sensing aircraft and will soon be able to generate up to 2 million pulses of energy per second. And with our duel sled configuration, we can actually double that, allowing us to use proven technology and offer the same pulse density being marketed from emerging lidar technologies.  

One of our key principles is to be purposefully different—to refuse to do things as they always have been done and seek better solutions to best serve our clients. Because of this drive for innovation, we’ve made significant investments in technology. We have purchased 3 Galaxy Prime sensors, the most advanced sensors on the market. The new sensors have twice the laser power as previous models, allowing a higher pulse density collection, and feature two revolutionary technologies: SwathTRAK™ and PulseTRAK™.    

Technological advancements have grown lidar from a supportive technology to a foundational tool for developing robust remote sensing datasets. Enhancements in lidar hardware and post-processing techniques make lidar a valuable tool for applications beyond simple topographic data development. Lidar is frequently used for developing datasets such as bare earth elevation models, forest canopy models, engineering design, airfield obstructions, vegetation mapping, and utility management.


Cost Impact of Flight Restrictions: Location

Ever wondered why all lidar and/or photogrammetric projects vary in cost from location to location? We have some answers for you. While most of our clients understand that the basic distance of mobilization from Atlantic’s home base is a primary...

Meet the Expert: Scott Jones

With a focus on innovation and a promise to our clients to offer the best solutions at a better price, Atlantic places a heavy emphasis on investing in technologies that help us reach those goals.

Atlantic’s Thoughts on the ILMF (International Lidar Mapping Forum) Conference

By: Brian Mayfield, CP, GISP, SP, GIS, President & CEO Earlier this year, Sean Higgins (SPAR 3D Editor) published his interview with RIEGL’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Dr. Andrews Ulrich, which focused on the future of aerial Lidar. The...

NSGIC 2016 Annual Conference

The National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC) is an organization committed to efficient and effective government through the prudent adoption of geospatial information technologies (GIT). We hope you will join Atlantic the week of...

Yes, We Can Provide High-Quality Lidar for Less than $100 per Square Mile

Purposefully different for You. We’ve re-engineered every process and developed advanced analytics to bring you the best solution at a great price without sacrificing quality. We want to be your geospatial partner. Not only can we provide USGS QL2...

Could Thermal Imagery Help You?

Redstone Arsenal found itself in a familiar scenario for government agencies — it had more needs than finances. Rather than waiting for additional funding, they chose to be innovative with money they did have and invest in a non-traditional type of...

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