Atlantic works closely with our clients to understand their project or enterprise GIS needs. We will design custom system architecture elements, such as database schemas, to help our clients achieve their GIS mission. In addition, Atlantic offers secure web-GIS solutions to help our clients reduce the burden and cost associated with server-based IT infrastructure. Both public and private entities utilize GIS daily for multitudes of engineering, planning, and management applications.


Cost Impact of Flight Restrictions: Location

Ever wondered why all lidar and/or photogrammetric projects vary in cost from location to location? We have some answers for you. While most of our clients understand that the basic distance of mobilization from Atlantic’s home base is a primary...

Atlantic’s First Attendance of GIS in the Rockies and AGIC Geospatial Education and Training Symposium

During the week of September 18 - 22, Atlantic will attend both the 2017 GIS in the Rockies (GISITR) as well as the 2017 AGIC Geospatial Education and Training Symposium for the very first time.  Atlantic has significantly increased its geographic...

Nebraska GIS/LIS Association Conference

Are you attending the Nebraska GIS/LIS Association Conference? Not only do we hope to see you there, our very own  Chris Chalmers will be presenting. We will explain applications for the billions of lidar points collected! Want to learn more about...

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