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From our airborne data collection to post-processing workflows, quality comes first. We never let anything below our standards leave our office. We trust our in-house professionals to examine aspects of our services from the perspective of both quality assurance and quality control. Through quality assurance, we make sure all services are correct. Through quality control, we continually perfect our processes, enabling us to be a leader in the geospatial industry.


Advantages of Atlantic’s Low Level Mapping System Over Helicopter and Mobile Systems

By: Tim Stagg, Vice President Both Helicopter and Mobile LiDAR systems have a niche that they fulfill in high accuracy mapping. However, the biggest advantage to the Atlantic’s Low Level Mapping System or (LLMS) is its high accuracy capabilities...

Thoughts on the 2015 George Wright Society Biennial Conference – Oakland, CA

By: Kimberley Denney, Associate Vice President The 2015 George Wright Society (GWS) Biennial Conference on Parks, Protected Areas, and Cultural Sites will commence next Monday, March 30th in Oakland, California.  As stated on the GWS Conference...


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