Atlantic is anticipating exponential growth in the coming years. “Currently our storage solution has about a petabyte. I would say the ability to grow that to five petabytes in the next two years, or 10 petabytes in the next five years is a realistic opportunity for us,” said Brian Mayfield. “The ability to really understand how to consistently scale our solution, and get the full ROI on the investment we’ve made so far is going to be the key to the relationship with Qumulo moving forward.” As Atlantic continues to scale its operations, and as the technology becomes increasingly advanced, their data storage needs will continue to increase. “Finding solutions that allow us to scale quickly without adding a lot more people are key. And Qumulo is certainly a part of our solution for that,” said Mayfield. To learn more visit

“Other storage solutions require much more integration, much more set up, much more testing, much more everything, honestly. It was extremely different with Qumulo, for the positive.”

Ben Hayes, Senior Systems Architect, atlantic