With a focus on innovation and a promise to our clients to offer the best solutions at a better price, Atlantic places a heavy emphasis on investing in technologies that help us reach those goals. In our world today, we are inundated with the latest and greatest and continually pressured to purchase the most recent gadget. However, at Atlantic, we remain laser-focused to seek out technologies that aren’t just the latest and greatest, but that offer the best solutions for our clients. With that said, we didn’t purchase 3 of Optech’s Galaxy Prime sensors lightly. We tested the technologies available and pushed the limits even beyond specifications. We’ve determined Optech’s latest advancements and revolutionary technologies were game-changers for us. And most recently, we’ve upgraded to include the T2000, added a waveform digitizer, and added the Optech G2 dual sled configuration to our arsenal. What that means for our clients is better data, collected in a more efficient manner. We can collect data at a higher density and faster than ever before. With the G2 dual sled, we can capture double the pulse density, which allows us to use proven Lidar technology to compete with the pulse density of some emerging technologies. The waveform digitizer allows us to collect more information that is critically valuable to both forestry and utility clients. We are very excited to share some of these most recent discoveries with you soon so visit often and see what we are up to. These sensors are proving to offer our clients the best solution at the best price.