Are you attending the Nebraska GIS/LIS Association Conference? Not only do we hope to see you there, our very own Tim Blak and Chris Chalmers will be presenting.
Tim will explain applications for the billions of lidar points collected! Want to learn more about LiDAR applications and what can you do with the data? A partnership of entities has strategically been collection lidar throughout the state of Nebraska. Billions of lidar points have been collected thus far yet that is all they are, just billions of three-dimensional points typically classified as ground and non-ground. In essence, they are one of the building blocks for creating data models to aid in analysis and the decision-making processes within a GIS environment. This presentation will look at how to use lidar data for hydrologic modeling including hydro-enforcement. It will also highlight additional applications for the forestry sector.
And Chris will discuss “Yes, We Can Provide High-Quality LiDAR for Less than $100 per Square Mile.” The article was featured in the September edition of LiDAR Magazine and offers a peek at how we are providing clients like you this great […]