What is the value of a properly designed and well executed strategy for geospatial technology adoption in a County government? Quite a lot, according to a recent study in Madison County, AL. That’s the conclusion from an in-depth study conducted by Atlantic this year, which assessed and analyzed the current value of geospatial technology implemented throughout the many agencies of the County’s operations.

“The results of the study show the strongest support yet for the real value of GIS and remote sensing data to Madison County,” said Brian Mayfield, Atlantic President. “The County now has the information it needs to plan for future growth and serve its constituents better.”

The study made clear the tremendous quantitative return on investment for every dollar that Madison County spends on their geospatial programs. It also highlighted the qualitative value, those not measured in dollars, which the County’s agencies are reaping from advancing their workflows through GIS. Some these include more accurate data for decision making, better customer service to the people of Madison County, regulatory compliance, and increased efficiency of current human resources to services a growing population.

Atlantic will be discussing this study in a presentation titled “The Value of GIS within Local Government – Madison County GIS ROI Study” on April 23rd at the annual TNGIC (Tennessee Geographic Information Council) Conference hosted at Montgomery Bell State Park. Come by the presentation or contact Atlantic for more information on the ROI of geospatial technology in Local Government.