Planimetric mapping entails the process of digitizing or vectorizing cultural and natural features of a map. Since the widespread adaptation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), the utilization of planimetric maps has migrated from simple map production to a complex set of data or information about any feature that can be digitized.

Atlantic’s approach to developing planimetric maps varies depending on our client needs. Because costs can vary depending on methodology, we take time to make certain we have a clear understanding of how the data will be used and at what scale the data will be viewed. Based on that information, we can design a tailored solution with a customized set of features that are right-sized for the client’s applications, ensuring the highest ROI possible.


  • Asset/Property Management
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Site Civil Engineering
  • Economic Development
  • Property Assessments
  • Stormwater Assessments
  • Urban Planning