Since being introduced in the 1990s to the broader geospatial community, digital orthophotography has become the most popular base map product for most applications.  Orthophotographs offer all of the contextual detail of a conventional map, but also offer the photographic qualities that provide additional analysis and photo interpretation capabilities to the basemap.

Atlantic regularly develops digital orthophotography from a wide variety of sensor types.  We do not simply employ a black-box solution that is reliant on total automation.  We carefully select our inputs and rigorously quality control our outputs to provide highly accurate digital orthophotographs with high quality characteristics.

In addition to producing conventional R,G,B or 4-band multi-spectral products, Atlantic also produces orthophotographs from thermal, hyperspectral and LiDAR sensors.


  • Asset Management
  • Property Assessment
  • Historical Reference for Change Detection Analysis
  • Pre and Post Emergency Event Damage Assessment
  • Economic Development
  • Community and Regional Planning
  • Engineering Design
  • Environmental Studies