Atlantic boasts one of the largest fleets of remote sensing aircraft in the United States. Our fleet includes aircraft ready to support a wide variety of remote sensing data gathering missions, including aerial photography. Atlantic offers multispectral, hyperspectral, thermal and video photography services from both large and medium format camera technologies.

The core of our success in providing high quality aerial photography is the priority we place on mission planning. Our flight operations staff possess decades of experience granting them an understanding of all mission challenges, enabling them to plan for the unexpected and allowing them to execute low-risk, high-reward aerial missions for our clients.


  • Large-scale Precision Engineering
  • Small-scale Regional Planning and Mapping
  • Property Assessment
  • Pre and Post Emergency Event Damage Assessment
  • Economic Development
  • Community and Regional Planning
  • Engineering Design
  • Environmental Studies
  • Oil and Gas Pipeline Maintenance and Hazard Mapping