In 2016, Atlantic acquired Continental Aerial Surveys, Inc. (Continental) and its Knoxville headquarters. This office has grown into a dedicated center of excellence for our large-scale, high-accuracy, small area of interest projects. We’ve learned over the years that our smaller, faster-turn clients are difficult to fit into schedules on our production floor, but they are a vital part of our business. Having an office focused on that market’s success helps us offer the best service to every Atlantic client.

College football is at the heart of the city.

The state of Tennessee proudly goes by the nickname “The Volunteer State.” In two separate wars in the 1800s, the state made a notable impression. Tennesseans volunteered to fight for their country in numbers in the tens of thousands above what was asked for. Knoxville, and the most prominent Tennessee University, take up that heritage with pride.

The University of Tennessee Knoxville is an energetic magnet for the city. The Tennessee “Vols” football team sells out their stadium with fans from all over the south. They bring excitement and life to the already booming city, adding to the economy of the area. You’ll hear “Rocky Top” passionately played from the different corners of the city.

Sports Illustrated named Knoxville one of the “greatest college football towns in the country.”

Not Just Scenery

Starting in East Knoxville, the Tennessee River is a 652-mile waterway that provides not only scenery but also activities for outdoor enthusiasts. Local anglers enjoy easy access to the river. Diverse restaurants and parks line the banks of the river to provide entertainment and cuisine that makes you want to come back for more.

The Great Smoky Mountains

Knoxville marries city life with peaceful nature.

The city is lucky to nest with the Appalachian and Great Smoky Mountains. The Smoky Mountains provide hundreds of miles for hiking (800 miles), fishing (600 miles of streams and rivers), and exploring the historic monuments in the area. Nature enthusiasts never run out of options to explore. And as previously mentioned, if someone wants to get a taste of the outdoors while staying in downtown, they can fish from the Tennessee River!

Preserved Forever

The history is rich in Knoxville, and history buffs have an abundance to appreciate. From Civil War historical places and events, to historically-preserved houses and buildings, the area features a fountain of history ready to be respected and observed. While the city expands, grows, and evolves every day, history is preserved in the area, capturing a moment in time that will never be forgotten.

Taxes & The Economy

Luckily for all Tennesseans, the state does not collect any personal income tax. That would include Knoxville, which has a cost of living below the national average. The city has a 9.25% sales tax (7% state, 2.25% local).

The economy is growing, and unlike other major cities, it is not dominated by a single industry. This creates a diverse field of occupations that all work cohesively together in the city. The mix of jobs in Knoxville have fostered an economy that can withstand financial and economic crisis. In the Great Recession(2007), the city was stable and named in the “Top 50 Places to Live” by Forbes. (Waters,

Music Offers More

As the hometown of Kenny Chesney and Ashley Monroe, music is ingrained in Knoxville’s DNA. From bluegrass and country to jazz and folk, music captures the heartbeat of the city. There are constant shows, concerts, live music, and events sprinkled throughout every day for people looking for all types of music. The music industry provides entertainment for Knoxville year round.

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