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Aerial Lidar Reimagined with the G2 Sensor System

At Atlantic, we continuously track emerging technologies and their effectiveness in a rapidly evolving market of geographical intelligence. We strive to push the edge of innovation to provide our clients with the highest quality geospatial products and services with...

Two Sensors are Better Than One

Now that Scott Jones has introduced you to Atlantic’s new G2 Sensor System, let’s see how the data compares to field-collected VRS data collected by our survey crew. Features such as curb and gutter are now accurately represented in fixed-wing airborne lidar flights,...

Putting the G2 to Work for You

With an output of 4 million points per second, the possibilities are virtually endless with the G2 system. Listen as Scott Jones, Vice President at Atlantic, explains how you can get quality and efficacy without sacrificing price. https://youtu.be/IAVEJzvkj1o Atlantic...

G2 Sensor System Key Features

Watch as Atlantic’s Vice President, Scott Jones, takes a deeper dive into the innovations and features of Optech’s G2 sensor setup. From heavy vegetation to congested urban areas, the G2 system is prepared to handle all your project needs....

Introducing Atlantic’s New Solution: Teledyne Optech’s G2 Sensor System

Scott Jones, Atlantic’s Vice President, introduces Atlantic’s new G2 sensor system from Teledyne Optech. The G2 sensor system is equipped with two Galaxy T-2000 sensors, increasing our range performance, pulse density, and ability to collect dense datasets more...

Atlantic’s New Solution: Teledyne Optech’s G2 Sensor System

Atlantic is one of only a few firms in the world operating the Optech G2 sensor setup.  In 2020, Atlantic announced upgrades to each of our three (3) Optech Galaxy Primes to the T-2000 sensor head.  We also announced that we were the first firm in the world...

Diversity in GIS

https://soundcloud.com/statescoop/gis-addressed-season-3-episode-5-diversity-in-gis Kimberley Denney, Atlantic Executive Vice President, has been actively involved with the NSGIC (National States Geographic Information Council) GeoWomen in Leadership Initiative since...

Lidar Quality Levels

https://youtu.be/_uYSHBMdsuc Lidar Quality Levels One of the most common questions we receive regarding lidar data is “what is the difference between the Quality Level 0, 1 and 2”?  In this video, our President and CEO, Brian Mayfield breaks down the differences...

Meet the Expert: Matthew Taylor

https://youtu.be/sAoZo0evV9E In 2017, Atlantic developed a 3-year strategic plan designed to spur our innovation and growth as a company.  One of our strategies from that plan states that “Atlantic will develop a mechanism to support dedicated Research &...

Cost Impact of Flight Restrictions: Tidal Requirements

One of our goals is to help clients understand why projects vary in cost. Many factors are considered during project planning so we can best meet your needs and offer you the most competitive price. In this video, Nate Litter, CP, PMP, Associate Vice President,...

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