The bedrock of Atlantic’s success, both present and future, has been and will continue to be our commitment to R&D.  This commitment, along with our steadfast determination to develop innovative ways to deploy our technical knowhow, requires that we constantly be listening to our clients to better understand their ever changing challenges.  When we discovered the perception that accurate electric transmission corridor mapping could only be achieved using rotary aircraft, we teamed up with Leica to prove the capabilities using a fixed-wing platform.The article by Linda Duffy, “Cost Effective Electric Transmission Corridor Mapping with Lidar and Fixed-Wing Aircraft,” published in Lidar News, explains the challenge, approach, and results compared to rotary platforms.

“Our goal at Atlantic is to continue listening to client’s needs and create solutions that help them improve their bottom line,” said Brian Mayfield, President and CEO of Atlantic. “By utilizing our internal subject matter experts coupled with the right equipment, we were able to develop a more cost-effective solution that meet all the NERC/FERC schema requirements.  This significant R&D effort proved not only to change the status-quo for the TVA, but for other current and future energy clients as well.”