Atlantic is a privately-owned firm without outside investors, owners or board members.  Our vision is to both understand and change our clients’ expectations by being purposefully different than every other firm in the geospatial profession.  Atlantic’s senior management team has worked hard to successfully guide our firm through the transition from a start-up to a company that has experienced tremendous growth in the past 5 years.  Many companies fail to make that difficult transition because they lack leadership, depth, vision and the experience to execute.  Furthermore, our senior management team has implemented a business strategy, culture and processes that has our firm poised to scale and grow at a high rate over the next several years without losing our client and quality focus.

Our senior management team is supported by technical professionals at all levels of the organization.  Nearly 40% of Atlantic staff hold a professional license or certification from certifying organizations that are directly related to the geospatial profession.  We are committed to growing and educating our employees to take future positions as both technical and business leaders within our organization.

As you would expect from an industry-leader, we strive to consistently create innovative solutions to solve our clients’ growing geospatial needs.  We have only started to scratch the surface on how geospatial data can re-shape our world and with our leadership team’s expertise and depth, Atlantic is equipped to thrive in this ever-evolving profession.