Huntsville, Ala. (April 26, 2016) – Atlantic would like to be the first to recognize the accomplishments of its employees Chris Cannon and Kyle Manderson for becoming the firm’s latest ASPRS Certified Professionals.

Chris Cannon recently became an ASPRS Certified Photogrammetrist and Kyle Manderson became an ASPRS Certified Photogrammetrist as well as an ASPRS Certified Mapping Scientist (CMS). Mr. Cannon is Atlantic’s Vice President of Production and Mr. Manderson is a Project Manager.

“I am extremely proud of both of them for setting and achieving this important professional goal,” said Brian Mayfield, President and COO of Atlantic. “With Chris and Kyle becoming certified professionals, over 35% of our staff now hold a professional license or certification. To me, that is truly remarkable and is a testament to the culture of learning and continual improvement we have established at Atlantic.”

About Atlantic

Atlantic is a technology-driven remote sensing, surveying and consulting business. Atlantic’s staff of certified professionals, who are known as thought leaders in their field, provide geospatial and consulting solutions to government and private sector clients. For more information, please visit