By: Tim Blak, Vice President, Technology

Another technology driven conference and trade show with all the latest sensors and software is just around the corner, enticing us and trying to convince us that we need the latest and greatest. From consumer electronics shows to UAV/UAS and the high tech mapping profession, there is an explosion of growth and we are starting to see cross pollination between the consumer and mapping industry. So what is the problem? Technology for the sake of technology.

As I pull out my latest model phone I start to read in the news that there is a new version around the corner. I wonder if I will still be viewed as current if I do not have the latest model which by all means is “significantly better”. Last year when I was using my Blackberry, someone asked me why I would use such a product and the simple answer was “because it worked and got the job done”. Fast forward to this year and my needs have changed, I had to find a solution to solve my current issue and therefore a […]