By: Justin Henderson, Atlantic Project Manager
Los Alamos, New Mexico is perhaps best known for the infamous ‘Manhattan Project’, which developed the first atomic bombs during World War II. These days, the town is in the midst of a Project of a very different nature. Recently, Atlantic partnered with The National Park Service in Los Alamos on a Project with an impact of lasting historical, geological, and anthropological significance.

Within The National Park Service’s Bandelier National Monument lies the Frijoles Canyon, which formed out of a volcanic eruption some 1.14 million years ago. Now a major watershed, Frijoles holds a deeper meaning to the people of the region than one might be able to see with the naked eye.

As Park Rangers and local historians will tell, there has been evidence of human existence in the Canyon for over 10,000 years. Permanent settlements from ancient cultures still stand within the Canyon dating back to the year 1150. To the Ancestral Pueblo Culture, the land and its unique geology provided the perfect site to construct cliff dwellings and establish communities for hundreds of generations. When anthropologist Adolph Bandelier […]