The Atlantic Group, a Huntsville, Alabama firm specializing in technology-driven remote sensing, surveying and consulting services,  has recently undertaken a series of steps in rebranding externally and refocusing internally to reflect the growth of their company, changes that are helping Atlantic look toward the future.

“Our new branding is not just an external facelift,” Mayfield says.  “We’ve undergone a total makeover, internally and externally, solidifying where we want our culture to go and how we expect to move into our next decade in serving our customers.  We want to be purposefully better than we have been in the past, so we’ve added more internal structure, focus and discipline to provide a higher level of return on investment for clients working with us.”

With both the internal and external changes, though, Mayfield adds tough choices had to be made.  “Taking a fresh spin on our business model has enabled us to put in place systems, policies and procedures that will make us scalable and achieve sustainable growth.  We’ve taken a hard look at both our victories and where we could make improvement, something that’s not always easy […]